A Pizza Roll Pooper, Dog Weddings, & Stripper Poles On School Busses


If you’re reaching for a pizza roll in the grocery store, you do NOT want to find the kind of “roll” one lady put her hand in. How many dogs can you marry simultaneously to make it in the Guinness Book? One lady is gonna try to find out. With the school bus driver shortage plaguing America this year, one school district found a solution…in a “party bus” for their students. And my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero” will give you all the stupid details along with these “Jim Dandy” tales…  Have You Ever Been in a Fight? Over ⅓ of Americans Have;  Top Situations When it’s Okay to Slug Someone;  On TikTok, people are eating Rice Krispies Treats before working out;  Blue Apron debuts new “Heat & Eat” meals perfect for your fall routine;  ⅔ of People Fake Laugh at Jokes to “Fit In”;  Things So Undeniably Funny You Never Have to Fake Laugh at Them;  A Man Robbed the Same 7-Eleven 4 Times This Summer;  Guy Does Circles in a Police Parking Lot Until They Arrest Him for DUI;  Man Faces Charges After Stealing Fish Sticks from Kindergarten Class;  Samuel Adams’ latest potent beer is illegal in 15 states;  This Nissan Worker With ‘Enhanced Senses’ Has a Job to Ensure the Perfect ‘New Car Smell’;  Uproar In OH Over Questionable Writing Prompts Given To Students Like “Write an X-rated Disney scenario”;  KY Man Says He Was “Shooting His Guns at the Aliens”;  You Can Now Buy Wine in Bottles Shaped Like Men’s Junk;  OH Woman Wakes Up To Find Burglar Sleeping In Guest Bedroom;  A Teenager Got a USB Cable Stuck in His Urethra While Trying to Measure His Length. And you can play along again with “Pancho” in our weekly “Insane Games”! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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