A Hickey “Hack”, PSL “Sexism”, Pooping Gold, & A Dumpty-Humpty Deprivation


Have you ever tried to hide your hickey with a kitchen utensil? You can use a tool to scramble your eggs AND your “love bite”! If you’ve ever mocked women for drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, you’re “sexist”! An Indian smuggler found a “crappy” way to hide his loot. And the beloved Mother Goose character who fell off the wall was kidnapped while he was taking a Dumpty… My Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero” (however you pronounce it!) joins me with more stupidity that will make the stupidity in your life so much less humiliating with unbelievable examples like:  Woman arrested after being found naked in back seat of Jeep at FL car dealership;  First It Was the “Five & Dime” store… Now The dollar store is officially dead;  FL Woman driving convertible MINI Cooper seen hauling full-size couch;  A Woman Reported a Fake Shooting…So Cops Wouldn’t Arrest Her Boyfriend During a Traffic Stop;  Bringing Home The Bacon Is Gonna Cost More Than It Has In 40 Years;  Man Opens Emergency Door, Jumps Onto Wing Of Plane In Miami;  Elected Officials in KY Must Take Oath They’ve Never Been in a Duel;  A Carjacker Was Shot After Aiming His Bow & Arrow at a Cop;  Vintage video game collection worth $100K uncovered in hoarder’s house;  Demi Lovato Says UFO Sighting Was ‘A Beautiful & Incredible Experience’;  Danish Artist Pockets Museum’s Cash, Declares It Conceptual Art;  Arby’s Is Selling Sweatpants & Hoodies That Smell Like Smoked Meat;  A Missing Man Spent Hours Helping a Search Party Look for Himself;  A Driver Was Cited for Riding in a Carpool Lane with a Skeleton;  Man quits booze for metal, has 2 pounds of hardware removed from stomach.  Try out your stupidity & see if you can beat “Panch” in the “Insane Game Show” to see if it’s a FAKE or a FLORIDA headline, a Porn Star or a Weatherman, a Golf Course or a Rehab, a Steakhouse or a Gay Bar, or a Strip Club or a Daycare! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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