A Bathroom of Biblical Proportions, Mood Music Madness, & A Nagging Wife Gets A Rotating House


S3E18 – Midweek BONUS!!  If you’ve ever wondered if there were bathrooms in the Bible, now you’ll know. Have you ever been driven nuts by the music played over a grocery store’s speaker system? One woman went nuts over the “sad” song being played. A retired old man couldn’t take his wife complaining about the view from their house any longer so he built her a new one…that ROTATES. And more tales of stupidity from these real-life examples:  David Arquette Owns Bozo the Clown & He Wants to Create a Bozo-Verse!!!;  2 Eagles Fans Caught Having Sex in a Bathroom Stall During The Game;  A Guy with a Sword Starts a Fire in the Street Then Chugs Captain Morgan;  DC Comics’ Newest Superman, Jonathan Kent, Is Here—& Queer;  A Guy Stops to Help a Crash Victim, & She Steals His SUV w/5 Kids Inside;  Arkansas Jailer Fired After Letting Inmate Out To Vape Marijuana;  Man orders 100 tacos on first date, asks his DATE to pay for them. All of the current events of the week are given the “stupid” spin with our “Insane Week In Review” & more “geniuses” get recognized for their stupendous stupidity in the “Genius Awards”! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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