Profanatory Uses For Candy Corn & Mayo, Naked Stupidity, & A “Surprise” Found In Dog Puke


You’ll get an extra dose of stupidity from naked people in this episode…in new & creative ways! You’ll also find out how to gag yourself over how people are perverting brats & coffee! And my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero” is fresh off of a vacation in NC to tell you about one convulsing canine barfed up something embarrassing at the vet–and other unbelievable stupidity. And that’s not the half of it. There’s some 5-Star Stupidity coming your way…  Rooster attacks a man on a street in Queens, NY;  “Fart-Repelling” Bed Sheets Are Now Something You Can Buy;  76% of Americans Say Their #1 Digestive Issue Is Constant Farting;  FL Man Arrested for Catcalling Women & Pleasuring Himself While Driving;  A Guy Caught Pleasuring Himself in His Car Told Cops He Was “Takin’ Care of Business”;  Wendy’s Manager Charged for Throwing Hot Oil Complaining Customer;  Couple Opens Their Suitcase at Airport…Finds Their Dog Hiding Inside;  A Guy Called 911 Because He Was Stuck in Traffic and Needed to Pee;  90-Y/O Man Punches Neighbor in a Classic “Get Off My Lawn” Dispute;  CA man sues psychic who said she could remove witch’s curse from ex;  A Mailman Wouldn’t Stop Peeing on a Customer’s Mailbox;  A Man Got an Insurance Payout After a Centipede Bit His Junk;  2 Drunk People Broke into a Water Park, Went Down a Closed-Off Slide, & Shattered Their Ankles…Now They’re SUING.  Test your skill with “Pancho” in this week’s “Insane Game Show” & see if you can tell the difference between a “Porn Star or a Weatherman”, a “Strip Club or a Daycare”, or a “Steakhouse or a Gay Bar”! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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