Scalp Popping & Kink Tests On Tic-Tok, A School District Is “Rickrolled”, & A Bottle Opener Fails As A Sex Toy


Tik-Tok is rapidly becoming the #1 source for all things stupid. Like how to separate your scalp from your skull & finding out how kinky your are so the Chinese can steal more of your privacy information. But if you’re into “kinky”, I don’t recommend using a bottle opener like one stupid Thailander did. But if you’re going to prank your school, go big or go home (as you’ll find out from my “Insane FL Nephew”, “Pancho Guero”…where one senior in Chicago went real big & rickrolled his entire school district…and STILL graduated. And there’s even more stupidity to commemorate “Stupid Day” that happened over this past week: There Could Be a “Gilligan’s Island” Movie & the Castaways Eat Each Other;  ‘Squid Game’ Is Causing Sales Of White Vans To Spike 7,800%;  Parents Can Hire Wrinkles The Clown To ‘Terrify Misbehaving Children’;  Nearly 90 Tangled Rattlesnakes Removed From Beneath Woman’s House;  Ft. Lauderdale Residents fear roosters are being stolen for cockfighting;  You Know Those Scary Robot Dogs? Now They’ve Got Guns;  3 Carjackers Were Thwarted by an MMA Fighter…a Manual Transmission…& a K9 Officer;  MI house where teen violently murdered his mom & sisters features chilling Halloween display;  37% of Men Over 30 Will Gain Weight During Football Season/Reasons Your Guy’s a Keeper (Even with Belly Fat);  Legoland announce Peppa Pig Theme Park’s opening date, ticket pricing;  Pubs Are Spraying Their Toilets With an ‘Anti-Cocaine’ Spray;  Waffle House Waitress Pulls Gun on Guy for Complaining About Eggs;  Thief Needs Money for Meth To See His Imaginary Girlfriend Again;  Trail Cam Caught Man’s Illicit Horseplay. Play along with our “Insane Games” with “Pancho” to determine if it’s a “Porn Star or a Weatherman”, a “Strip Club” or a “Day Care” & more! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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