Pop-Tart Butter-Toppers, Doggie-Doo DNA, & The Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar


S3E28 – Bonus Midweek Episode! –  What better way to fundraise than have naked college co-ed athletes pose naked in a calendar! What better way to eat a Pop-Tart than to slather all kinds of flavored BUTTER on it??? Or what better way to catch dog-walkers who don’t deposit their doggie-doo in disposals than to track them down using doggie-doo-DNA? Sounds stupid? Not so fast! And there’s more…  Teacher Claims Discrimination After His ‘Proud Zionist’ T-Shirt Banned, But BLM T-Shirts Allowed;  CNN Could Fire “Good Number” Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup;  A Study Found People Have Never Been More Afraid to Speak Their Mind/Things Everyone Is Too Scared to Say;  56% of Americans Believe Thanksgiving Is Ruined If There’s No Leftovers;  There’s a French Fry-Flavored Vodka…Thanks to Arby’s;  Guy Stole a Street Sweeper, Led Cops on a Low-Speed Chase, & Drove It into a River;  Prisoner Knocks Cellmate’s Teeth Out Because He Wouldn’t Stop Farting.  Plus more stupidity that’s spun from the past week’s newsmakers & the newest “Geniuses” in stupidy! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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