Grandma Gone Wild, Dancing With Lions, & Free Sex For The Vaccinated


If you think you have a wild grandma, wait until you hear about one tequila swigging Granny who confronted the police who later found her swinging from an overpass above I-95. Or the woman who was tossing roses & serenading the big cats in the Bronx Zoo… And if you’re still on the fence about getting vaxed for COVID, Belgium has an incentive from the local cathouses. My Insane FL Nephew will give you the lowdown on that as well as more stupid capers like…  Man Claims He Swapped His Wife’s ‘Aggressive’ Cat for Friendlier Look Alike While She Was Away, & Is Plagued With Guilt 6 Years Later;  A Customer’s Soup Was Too Hot, so She Threw It in the Cashier’s Face;  A Lawyer Was Arrested for Dropping His Pants in a Courthouse;  A Cow Escaped from a Farm, Went Down a Waterslide, & Won Its Freedom;  Over 40% of Kids Think Bacon Comes from…Plants;  A MA funeral home is being sued after a casket broke open during a burial & the body fell out;  Bishop Who Left Clergy for Erotica Writer Accused of Being ‘Possessed’;  Murderer Gets Caught…After He Confessed In a Game of “Truth or Dare”;  Guy Got Busted in Carpool Lane w/Hat & Coat Draped Over Passenger Seat;  A Guy Threatened a TSA Agent, Got Naked, & Yelled “It’s a Free Country”;  Doorbell Camera Records CA Woman Giving Birth On Lawn;  Scientists say sex-crazed tourists are destroying Spanish sand dunes;  A Drunk Driver Blamed Her Bad Driving on an Egg Roll;  New Zealand Woman ‘Held Hostage By A Possum’;  Elon Musk slams Bernie Sanders over billionaire tax debate;  Man charged in scam missed court because he’s dead. Play along with Pancho as he figures out the difference between a “Porn Star or a Weatherman”, a “Steakhouse” or a “Gay Bar”, & other stupid comparisons in our weekly “Insane Game Show”! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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