Defecating DoorDash Driver, Free Money on The Freeway, & Grandma Gets the Boot Over a Bad Hotel Review


A Grandma & her grand-daughter are out of a place to stay when the hotel manager read her lame review online. And after making a delivery, a DoorDash Delivery Driver Dropped her DooDoo. Traffic jams are common in CA but not because of this. Plus, there’s more stupid examples of humanity like these:  A Pair of American Tourists Broke into the Colosseum to Have a Beer;  Parents Sue School District Over Letting Students Change Name, Pronouns Without Parental Consent;  Staring at Screens Too Much Has Caused Half of Us to Skip Work or School/Signs Your Screen Time Is Out of Control;  Your Drunkest Family Member at Holiday Parties Will Be…Your Uncle;  A Cop Tried to Break Up a Bar Fight, & a Woman Bit His Ear Off;  SUV Slams into Home, Impales 2nd Floor with Traffic Sign. And there’s more headline hilarity with the “Insane Week In Review” as well as our weekly winners of the “Genius Awards” for stupendous stupidty! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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