COVID Urine Therapy, Kim Jong BURRITO, & Bogarting Bleachers

Pink LEGO Anuses, Being Coy About "Cuy", & A "DMV" For Goldfish Insane Erik Lane's Stupid World

The new "Majestic Tiger" by LEGO has a piece that kids will be looking for: a circular pink "block" that fits underneath its tail. Yes, it is what you think is. Have you thought of being a "guinea pig" for something new? Like EATING guinea pig?? Scientists have been hard at work teaching goldfish how to drive. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero" has an update on the "90 Day Fiance", who made a fortune in farts, & now is going to retire due to "excessive gas". He also has the painful story of a desperate woman that needed to pee so bad that she took desperate measure when the bathroom was occupied by her boyfriend. And there's more….  Family Discovers Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents in Their Dead Grandparents' Attic;  Mother Stuffs Teenage Son in Car Trunk, b/c She Thought He Had Covid;  Planters Is Hiring 3 New Drivers for Its Nutmobile;  A Guy Robbed an Adult Store After Applying for a Job There;  Treasure hunters sue for records on FBI’s Civil War gold dig in Elk Co., PA;  Family cat accidentally donated to thrift store with old recliner;  Man Poops on Child’s Picnic Table & Steals Scooter on Christmas;  New Trend: Humblebragging About Your "Pretty Privilege";  Woman Gets Married in Vegas…to the Color Pink;  A Murderer Was Caught Because He Refused to Wear a Face Mask;  Man Finds Live Frog In His Boxed Lettuce & Decided To Keep It As A Pet;  Woman in ice cream shop strips off her dress & used it as mask;  Pope Says Couples Who Choose to Have Pets Over Kids Are 'Selfish';  Honda Clocks Are Stuck 20 Years in the Past & There Isn't a Fix. Play along with "Pancho" with this week's collection of fun during the "Insane Game Show" & see if you can tell the difference between… == FAKE NEWS OR FLORIDA == == STEAKHOUSE OR GAY BAR == == STRIP CLUB OR DAYCARE == == PORN STAR OR WEATHERMAN == OR == GOLF COURSE OR REHAB == — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

S3E42 ~ Bonus Midweek Episode! – 

Let’s face it. There’s been a LOT of “remedies” for treating, preventing, & curing COVID. But drinking one’s pee will not be one I will experiment with. On your next visit to Taco Bell or Chipoltle, or Moe’s you can thank the Dear Leader in North Korea for your BURRITO. When you need to seat about 20 people in bleachers, just take your town car to the nearest park & hook up a set. Then drive off with them dragging behind you as you drive back home. Seem logical? Apparently so for one man in AL. That is, until the cops pulled him over about a mile & a half down the road. Looks like 2022 is off to a roaring start… with these specimens: 

  • 2 Parents Intentionally Left Their Kid ‘Home Alone’ During the Holidays; 
  • Man Buys Wife Identical Earrings for Christmas, but 1 Had Fake Diamonds – He Made Her Pick; 
  • Guy Caught w/Drugs Claims His Pants Belonged to Someone Who’s 2 Ft. Shorter; 
  • Skiers Blasted w/Cold Water from a Hydrant Below a Chair Lift; 
  • Guy Gets Stuck in I-95 Traffic Jam in an Uber & Was Charged $600; 
  • 2 Women Couldn’t Open Their New Blender…Because Their Cats Wouldn’t Stop Sitting on the Box; 
  • Grocery Chain Getting Rid of Milk Expiration Dates-Says to Use ‘Sniff Test’. 

Plus there’s all of the week’s round-up of current event news…with my stupid spin…and I bestow more stupidity to the latest Genius Awards!

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