6-Pack (Tattooed) Abs, Take Your Kid To Crime Day, & A Real Alfred Hitchcock Nightmare


S3E76 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! –  I proudly sport a dad-bod & have never been interested in getting a tattoo. Until I read this story about a guy who tattooed 6-pack abs on his dad-bod belly. Now I’m rethinking. The family that vandalizes together stays together…in the Big House… Such was the case with one woman & her kids. A family in CA ended up being “for the birds” when they arrived home from vacation to discover to their horror that the swallows did not return to Capistrano…but to THEIR HOUSE! And there’s more stupidity galore… 

  • Drug Suspect Told Florida Police His Name Was ‘Tyler Durden’; 
  • Man opens emergency door, walks on wing after United flight lands in Chicago; 
  • He Forgot About His Whisky for 30 Years. It Was a $1.2M Blessing; 
  • Is This Okay? A Couple Let Their 6-y/o Child Run a Marathon; 
  • 65% of People Think It’s Cool to Bring the Family Along on a Work Trip; 
  • 40,000 Pounds Of Chicken Nuggets Spilled On PA Highway; 
  • Lost for decades, Dorothy’s dress from ‘Oz’ up for sale. 

There’s the summary of stupidity in the “Insane Week in Review” as well as the latest geniuses who get the weekly “Genius Awards” for stupendous stupidity! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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