An EPIC Scammer Prank, A Weed Vending Machine, & NASA Nudes In Space


Have you ever wanted to see some Karma given to those annoying scammers who bilk people out of millions of dollars? Well, you now have your chance & my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero”, says it is the most righteous prank EVER! You’ll also find out why “Pancho” has a grave dug in his back yard. He had his own stupidity happen at his FL home! If you’ve ever spotted a vending machine & sudden got the “munchies”, now you’ll hear about a vending machine that could ultimately GIVE you the “munchies”. NASA wants to contact extraterrestrial life with naked pictures from Earth…and it’s sounds out of this world! Plus, there’s more “other-worldly” stupidity waiting in this week’s episode… 

  • Why Your Farts Smells So Much Nastier in the Shower; 
  • Woman Pees Off the Side of Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” Ride; 
  • A Burglar Stole a Lawn Mower…But Mowed the Victim’s Front & Back Lawns with It First; 
  • Some Perv in FL FaceTimed Random People with His Junk Out; 
  • Guy Thought He Saw a Guy Stealing from Grocery Store…So He Shot Him; 
  • A Guy Didn’t Add Milk to His Cereal, & It Punctured His Lung; 
  • A Trespasser Tried to Hide from Police by Draping a Sheet Over Himself; 
  • 7-y/o Girl Goes Viral On TikTok After 1st Communion “Wine Chug”; 
  • ‘Dead’ woman bangs on coffin to say she’s alive during her own funeral; 
  • An Alligator Broke into a Couple’s Garage and Drank Their Diet Coke; 
  • CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders; 
  • Husband Expects His New-Mom Wife To Cook For Him At 2AM; 
  • 2 Hospitalized After Fight Over Doughnuts; 
  • Satanic Temple Sues PA School Over Rejection of ‘After School Satan Club’; 
  • A Guy Who Had to Grow a New Weiner on His Forearm Is Finally Whole Again; 
  • What Your Hand Would Look Like if It Was Designed for Self-Pleasure. 

The wisdom of my Insane FL Nephew is being tapped again by 2 more who want to “ASK PANCHO” about “I’m In A Mouse Hunt” & “I’m In A Mouse Hunt”. We’ll have more “Insane Games” to play along with “Pancho” to see if you can guess the answer faster than he can! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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