Human Meatball Math, Printed Skin for Sex Robots, & Potty Training at the Hardware Store


S3E86 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! – 

A Reddit user solves a mathematical word problem that may gross you out. Sex robots may be able to get you off…but with AI printed skin, you may now be able to help a sex robot get off. One toddler wouldn’t get off a display toilet because he still “needed to finish” his job! And there’s more stupidity that needs to get finished for this Midweek Bonus Episode…

  • A Man Who Raps About Robbing ATMs Got Busted for Robbing an ATM; 
  • A Bike Rider in CA Was Chased Down the Road…By a Zebra; 
  • New Trend: “Healthy Coke”…or Balsamic Vinegar & Sparkling Water; 
  • A Guy Told a Cashier to Empty the Register, Then Stole a Sex Toy Instead; 
  • A Guy Paid with a Counterfeit Bill, Then Used the “Not My Pants” Excuse; 
  • Graffiti Artists Hit Yet Another National Park; 
  • A Poll for Father’s Day Looked at the Top Dad Habits/Gifts Dad REALLY Wants for Father’s Day. 

And get the week’s latest current events in the most stupid way possible in the “Insane Week in Review” as well as hear about the “real winners” with the weekly “Genius Awards”! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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