A Felonious Corpse Spitter, A “Le’Genius” Criminal, & A “Peeping Tom”-Cat Litterbox


S3E88 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! – 

Instead of having people give eulogies at a loved one’s funeral, a woman chose to “hock a loogie” onto the corpse. The parents of one FL criminal obviously gave their son the WRONG name for his life choices. A graduation party for a 17-y/o student ended with a voyeur incident that was being videoed from a cat box in the bathroom. If these are stupid enough for you, there’s a whole lot more in this episode! 

  • The Average Parent Tells Their Kid “No” 23 Times a Day; 
  • Suspected Thief In AL Swims To Police After Kayak Capsized; 
  • 45% of People Say It’s Harder to Be a Dad Today Than Ever Before; 
  • Authorities seek owner of 300-pound mystery pig wandering in TN; 
  • Chinese State Media Deletes Post Saying They May Have Found Aliens; 
  • FL Man Intentionally Gets Pulled Over To Secretly Tell Cops He Was Being Kidnapped; 
  • FL man dressed as cow among several arrested in drug house bust. 

You’ll get up to speed with stupidity from the week’s current events in the “Insane Week in Review” as well as hear about 7 more “winners” in the weekly “Genius Awards“! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eriklane/support


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