One Toke Over the (Blue) Line, A “Noodling” Knock-off Over Bigfoot, & Walmart Goes “Adult”


Being an NYPD cop just notched up a tic now that the men in blue can smoke some green. A reminder if you’re noodling catfish & get into an argument with your partner: Never summon Bigfoot. Now you can impress your lover with a timeless “adult product” you bought them from WALMART. Plus, my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero”, has a creative new idea on what to get his little boy, “Panchito” for Christmas…an action figure with daddy’s face on it! And there’s more summertime stupidity galore! 

  • A Guy Tried to Break into a Little Caesars by Sliding Down an Exhaust Pipe; 
  • 100-mile yard sale going through Elk & Clearfield Counties in PA; 
  • A Wordle Board Game Will Be Out in Time for Christmas; 
  • Woman Climbs Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window, Tries To Make Her Own Food; 
  • A Guy Is Suing Bass Pro Shops for Not Honoring a Lifetime Warranty on Socks; 
  • A Pilot Ran Out of Fuel and Landed on the Interstate…While Drunk; 
  • FL woman surprised by uninvited iguana, in her toilet; 
  • New “Nap Boxes” Allow Workers to Sleep Standing Up; 
  • Curious manatee grabs hold of boy’s surfboard off Florida coast; 
  • A Drunk Driver with 2 Missing Tires Tried to Blame It on Covid; 
  • Man Suctions 10 Cans to His Head for World Record; 
  • A Guy Asked 911 to Bring His Girlfriend Some Sour Patch Kids; 
  • Nuclear Plant Accidentally Sends Voice Alert Warning Beachgoers To Evacuate; 
  • A Company Locked an Employee’s Computer Remotely When She Stepped Away to Grab a Snack.

“Pancho” will again lend his vast wisdom & sage advice to a couple more folks who need to “ASK PANCHO” about life’s questions like, “How Many Dates Is Too Many On Dating Apps?” and “My Neighbor Keeps Playing Music On My Alexa”! Don’t forget about the “Insane Game Show” where we can play along with “Pancho” to solve more stupid questions!

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