Tail-Gate Candy Corn, A Pikes Peak Peanut Pusher, & Naked Yard Work In FL


S3E97 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! – 

If you love candy corn, you may not love this…and if you love tailgating, you’re gonna hate this! If you’re goal in life is to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, this either takes a lot of skill or stupidity–you decide. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing your yard work in your birthday suit, consider moving to Stuart, FL! And there’s more midweek madness is this stupid episode…

  • Thieves Robbed a Pastor During Church…& Got $1 Million in Jewels; 
  • Do You Have Trouble Opening Jars? It Might Be a Sign That You’re Dying; 
  • $500,000 Worth of Pokémon Cards Were Stolen from a 62-Y/O Man; 
  • ID Man Recaptures Hot Dog Throwing World Record; 
  • A Man Threatened a Bus Driver for Driving Slower Than He Could Walk; 
  • Churches sue to use hallucinogenic tea in religious practice; 
  • A Basketball Coach’s Advice for His Team: Don’t Fart in the Dead Sea…It Hurts! 

Stupidity is accessible as the latest current events & the “Insane Week In Review” will give you the full recap! There’s another batch of stupendous stupidity with 7 more “winners” in our “Genius Awards”!

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