Naked Chess, Nursing Home Strippers, & A “Mother Teresa” Ponzi Scheme


A chess player known for cheating offers to strip naked to prove he’s not cheating. Nursing home residents in wheelchairs get treated a stripper (who isn’t playing chess). “Pancho Guero”, my Insane FL Nephew (who works in finance), has a stupid tale of how the Securities & Exchange Commission busted a FL “Mother Teresa” after uncovering her ponzi scheme. And this is just what’s at the tip of the stupid iceberg. Wait ’til you see the other stupid stories we’ve managed to dig up! 

  • FL School Teacher Arrested for Twerking on Student; 
  • GA Deputy Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute; 
  • A FL Man Pulled a 3ft. Sword On A Cop During a Traffic Stop; 
  • A Man Was Arrested After Somehow Shooting Himself in the Backside; 
  • Woman Is Spends $4,000 to Go to HI to Scatter the Ashes of Her…Hamster; 
  • Wendy’s Employees Disabled Railroad Crossing to Make Work Shift Easier; 
  • Sly dog tricks neighbors into thinking it killed mailman; 
  • Ty Cobb’s dentures up for auction online; 
  • A Woman Was Arrested After Faking Her Own Kidnapping to Extort Her Mom…for the 4th Time; 
  • Kids Start to Realize We’re Full of Crap Around Age 6/Lies We Keep Telling Our Kids Even AFTER They Realize We’re Full of Crap; 
  • Kellogg’s Is Selling ‘Just Add Water’ Cereal with Powdered Milk; 
  • WV Coal Miners Rescue Couple Stranded in Broken-Down Electric Car; 
  • Teen Allegedly Fakes Birth Certificate to Play High School Football Again; 
  • Man Arrested for Stealing TVs from Walmart…& Selling Them in Parking Lot; 
  • School Bus Driver Tells Kids She’d “Shoot Them” If They Didn’t Stop Asking Where They’re Going. 

Play along with “Pancho” this week & see if you can do better then he can at guessing in the “Insane Game Show” & find the answers to life’s biggest questions when you here his profound wisdom as he answers more questions from those who want to “ASK PANCHO” for some advice! “Pancho” addresses the burning questions about “My Boyfriend Keeps Using My Favorite Pillow” & “I Just Realized I’m The Friend That Flakes All The Time”

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