Fat-Phobic Door-Dasher, STI Cow Snot Prevention, & A Woman & a Coon Walk Into a Bar


S4E79~ Midweek BONUS Episode! –

The fat hits the fire when a junk food delivery is dropped off with a triggering note. Lubricants from cow snot may prevent herpes…and any possible sexual desires as well. A bartender went rabid when a woman brings a raccoon into a bar & passes it around. And there’s so much more rabid stupidity…

  • A Reality Star Who Makes Moonshine Was Arrested for—Making Moonshine; 
  • Scientists Just Invented Painless Tattoos; 
  • A Guy Made $100,000 Suing Telemarketers & Opened a Bar Called “The Wrong Number”; 
  • Bluetooth Mouthpiece Straps to Your Face & Muffles Your Voice for Loud Phone Calls in Public; 
  • Should you tip your vet? Consumers aghast as more businesses prompt for tips; 
  • Angry Drivers Can Get Paid $4,000 to Let Out Their Pent-Up Road Rage; 
  • Hero Chick-fil-A Worker Stopped An Attempted Carjacking. 

More current events with a “stupid spin” for the “Insane Week In Review” & more “winners” getting the weekly “Genius Awards”!

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