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“You have given a piece of your mind to so many people, it’s a wonder you still have a mind left.”

Erik Lane”s Mom

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Fossilized Dino-Vomit, NyQuil Chicken, & Vagina Chips…YUM!

Summary How bad to you have to love your job to go looking for science in prehistoric puke? How bad to you want “Sleepy Chicken” basted in cough syrup? How bad do you want nookie? Find the answers to these & more stupid questions in this ridiculous episode with my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero”…More

Eat Your Crocs, Kids Casino In The Poconos, & Library Porn in VA

S4E11 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! –  How hungry do you have to get to eat your shoes? If you wear Crocks & are stranded on a deserted island, you may be able to cook up a pair. The family that gambles together, goes to the “big-house” together…and the casino gets a whopping fine. If you’re…More

The Hosts

Erik Lane

The veteran broadcaster has been heard in parts of Pennsylvania since 1986. He hosts The Rooster Crew morning show on Star Country 96.7FM in Lewistown, PA & “Insane Erik Lane’s Stupid World” Podcast.

Pancho Guero

“Insane” Erik Lane’s “Insane Florida Nephew” joins in each week with his take from the Sunshine State in Florida. He’s not “Florida Man”, but he does know him personally. Even though his name is “Pancho”, he’s not Mexican. But he married one.

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