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“You have given a piece of your mind to so many people, it’s a wonder you still have a mind left.”

Erik Lane”s Mom

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Pink LEGO Anuses, Being Coy About “Cuy”, & A “DMV” For Goldfish

Summary The new “Majestic Tiger” by LEGO has a piece that kids will be looking for: a circular pink “block” that fits underneath its tail. Yes, it is what you think is. Have you thought of being a “guinea pig” for something new? Like EATING guinea pig?? Scientists have been hard at work teaching goldfish…More

COVID Urine Therapy, Kim Jong BURRITO, & Bogarting Bleachers

S3E42 ~ Bonus Midweek Episode! –  Let’s face it. There’s been a LOT of “remedies” for treating, preventing, & curing COVID. But drinking one’s pee will not be one I will experiment with. On your next visit to Taco Bell or Chipoltle, or Moe’s you can thank the Dear Leader in North Korea for your…More

My Flurona, CNN’s New Year’s Drunken Eve, & The Pedicure From Hell

If you caught COVID over the New Year’s holiday, count yourself lucky you didn’t catch what one woman in Israel did. Andy Cohen caught plenty from his New Year’s Drunken rant taking pot-shots at Ryan Seacrest & Journey. And my Insane FL Nephew, “Pancho Guero”, tells of a FL beautician who caught royal heck from…More

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Erik Lane

The veteran broadcaster has been heard in parts of Pennsylvania since 1986. He hosts The Rooster Crew morning show on Star Country 96.7FM in Lewistown, PA & “Insane Erik Lane’s Stupid World” Podcast.

Pancho Guero

“Insane” Erik Lane’s “Insane Florida Nephew” joins in each week with his take from the Sunshine State in Florida. He’s not “Florida Man”, but he does know him personally. Even though his name is “Pancho”, he’s not Mexican. But he married one.

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