A 7/11 Birth AT A 7-Eleven, A “Commando” Heat-Buster, & Chivalry At Gunpoint


S3E95 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! – 

Have you got an outrageous birth story? I’ll bet it’s not a wild as this WV couple. Doesn’t it irk you when you do something nice & you’re not thanked for it? At least you don’t pull a gun on someone to retaliate. If you’re looking for ways to cool off in the Dog-Days of Summer, removing one piece of clothing will be the quickest way to be cool…and put a smile on your face. And there’s more steamy-hot stupidity…

  • Disneyland’s Instagram Got Hacked by a Guy Claiming He Invented Covid; 
  • Dozens Spend Months in Church Awaiting the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ; 
  • An Ice Cream Called “Chocolate to Die For” Got Recalled Because It Could Kill People; 
  • A Teen Was Watching “Stranger Things” While Driving and Hit a Semi; 
  • Video Shows Stupid Fools Backflipping Off London’s Tower Bridge; 
  • TV Weatherman Talks About Hot Weather in TX Possibly Leading to Blackouts—As A Blackout Occurs; 
  • A Family Had Lunch at a Waffle House…Then Robbed It!

I’ve got the full rundown of the week’s stupidity with the “Insane Week In Review” as well as another set of real “winners” for the week’s “Genius Awards”!

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